Our goals

  • To plan ahead and analyse the issues, as an internationally recognised think tank and platform for expertise Our aim is to detect early signs of future regulatory changes, innovations or market standards. Our watch extends Europe-wide or further. To achieve this, EpE aims to develop wherever necessary open, constructive dialogue with other partners, such as research institutes, the academic world, other think tanks and expert networks, environmental protection organisations, etc., and build cooperation with the companies’ stakeholders.
  • To improve our members’ practical knowledge and stimulate innovation We help to step up the business world’s involvement, by exchanging knowledge and best practice on environmental issues, including administrative formalities, methodologies, tools and concrete actions. The aim is to help every member progress by pooling our knowledge. This creates a non-competitive, win-win situation, thus helping to enhance the overall sustainability performance of the French economic sectors represented in EpE.
  • To improve the business world’s environmental credibility, by publicising its pioneering achievements EpE does most of its work through permanent and temporary committees and working groups. They focus on newly emerging and forward-looking subjects such as climate change, the health-environment link, environmental foresight, biodiversity, the green economy and others. We publish literature and give talks on some of our work. One of our aims is to promote the portfolio of best practices gathered from the committees, which constitutes the current state of knowledge on the respective areas.