COP26 Event – The Climate Pledge Theatre, Hall 5 – Hosted by Entreprises pour l’Environnement (EpE)



Companies use a wide range of renewable resources (land, forest and agricultural products). In the context of decarbonation, the demand for bio-energy and bio-based products to replace fossil-fuels based products significantly increases the pressure on land- and biomass use (windfarms needs available land, bioenergy burnt forest and agricultural products, etc.), and on the other services provided (food, carbon storage, biodiversity preservation, …).

On the other hand, the ecosystems providing these services are increasingly exposed to climate change impacts, not always considered or even known.

This session will investigate the limits to fossil-substitution strategies, showcase business that are addressing these trade-offs and explore policy options to address this challenge.

Panel discussion with:

  • Emmanuel Normant, Vice President for sustainable development at Saint-Gobain
  • Lola Vallejo, Climate Programme Director at IDDRI
  • A representative of an agri-forestry company / BfN (to be confirmed)

On-site and live streaming: