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Commissioned by a group of companies from all sectors, the ZEN 2050 study explores the feasibility of carbon neutrality in France by 2050, in terms of the balance between emissions in metropolitan France and absorption through carbon sinks

It is an ambitious – and original – study in that it incorporates the physical, technical, economic and sociological aspects into a coherent and plausible whole. Thus it is neither a forecast, nor a corporate commitment, nor a prescriptive requirement. It concludes with a proposal from these companies to the other components of society (general public, government authorities and economic stakeholders), inviting them to define together the detailed actions required to undertake the transformation:

  • Carbon neutrality by 2050 is feasible, but requires unprecedented changes in our lifestyles and in the ways we use energy and technology to reduce our emissions.
  • This neutrality is compatible with diversified and comfortable lifestyles, economic growth, and job creation.
  • It can be achieved if all the stakeholders – public authorities, businesses and citizens – embrace that objective and decide together to act now to achieve this transformation.